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MEA Aposti
MEA Apostille and Certified Translation for personal , commercial and educational document What is Document A
MEA Apostille and Certified Translation for personal , commercial and educational document What is Document Apostlle from Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) ? It basically refers to a different type of authorization or registration that is accomplished by the certified agencies on the public documents. This process helps to safeguard public from any sort of deceitful or illegal acts intended against them.  Use of Apostlle – It is a legal process and it is operated in a particular prescribed format. The importance and necessity of Apostlle are primarily noticed in western countries and it is allowed in a total of 112 countries. Apostle is reckoned as the Universal authentication of the public documents. Moreover, Apostle includes verification of the public documents with their authenticity. • Types and the list of documents required for Apostlle From Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) There are three types of Apostle Documents – 1. Personal Document Apostle 2. Commercial Document Apostle 3. Educational Document Apostle Under these three heads there are various types of documents that can be attested for Apostle from MEA New Delhi Followings are the list of such documents.  Personal Document Apostille – Personal documents can be done for Apostle from Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) to make it secured and prove its authentications. The documents such as – • Marriage Certificate • 2. Birth Certificate • 3. Divorce Certificate • 4. Death Certificate • 5. Adoption Deed • 6. Medical Certificate • 7. Police Clearance Certificate(PCC) • 8. Experience Certificate • 9. Migration Certificate • 10. Passport Copies etc.  Commercial Documents Apostille – As well as personal documents, commercial documents are equally important documents for every individual. Commercial documents describe every documentrelated to the business of a firm and company etc. It includes – • 1. Memorandum Of Association • 2. Power Of Attorney • 3. Authority Letter • 4. Board Resolution • 5. Article Of Association • 6. Certificate Of Incorporation • 7. Commercial Invoice • 8. Bill Of Lading • 9. Insurance Certificate • 10. Invoice Bills etc  Educational Documents Apostille – Educational documents also play an imperative for an individual. Educational documents contains academic records, detail qualification, academic performances, details of any certificates obtained etc. The educational documents that can be authorized for Apostle are – • 1. Degree Certificate • 2. SSC Certificate • 3. Transfer Certificate • 4. Transcript Certificate • 5. Mark Sheet • 6. School Leaving Certificate • 7. Engineering Certificate • 8. Diploma Certificate • 9. Nursing Certificate etc. Contact :01141101255, 9711555003 , 9958407973, New Delhi India
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