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Virtual Simultaneous interpreting , online interpreting , Zoom Translation, virtual Translation Services Delh
Virtual Simultaneous interpreting , online interpreting , Zoom Translation, virtual Translation Services Delhi Mumbai Pune Bangalore Ahmedabad India What is simultaneous interpretation? In simultaneous interpretation the interpreter listens to the speaker and interprets in the target language simultaneously what is being said by the speaker. The speaker does not have to pause and wait for the interpreter to interpret the delivered part of the speech. He continues to speak while the interpreter interprets the speech into target language. Simultaneous interpreting is ideal for large multilingual conferences or multinational meetings of United Nations, Presidential speeches, courtrooms, business or board meetings, lectures and presentations. Simultaneous interpretation process The speaker speaks into a microphone in his language. Different speakers may deliver their speeches in different languages. The speaker’s language is broadcast directly to an interpreter who listens through a headset in a soundproof booth. The interpreter attentively listens to the speaker and at the same time using a microphone interprets in the “target language” which is then broadcast to delegates through wireless headsets. This enables the delegates to listen and understand what is being said in real time, as though the speaker is speaking to them directly in their native language. During simultaneous interpreting it is desirable to have at least two interpreters. Each interpreter alternatively interprets for about 20 minutes and takes a few minutes break depending on the situation. Simultaneous interpretation equipment's Simultaneous interpretation requires special equipment, like soundproof booths, a set of receivers with their corresponding headphones for the audience, transmitters and microphones. The company provides highly reliable and specialized equipment's such as Bosch IR Interpretation Equipment, RF Interpretation Equipment, wireless tour guide system, UHF interpretation Equipment , Interpreter booth, transmitter receivers which are required for Simultaneous interpretation. Contact :Email 01141101255 , 9958407973 , 9711555003
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